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NaNoWriMo funk

Aah, Nano. I don't know if other people are doing it.

I am.

And it's that time again, the time when I suck, my ideas are shit and I should quit because nothing can be worth the pain and disapointment.

Well, fuck you first third syndrom, I'll get that first draft done! You won't get to me (more than you already did) and I won't scrap the story to start another (even though I made so many changes to the plot I don't really recognize it anymore).

I'll win this year too dammit!

Let's be grateful…

Thanks to the cat gods of the internet for lists of baby name and most common surname in pretty much every country ever.

Also, the online French-English translators, Synonymies dictionaries, good old Merriam-Webster and Urban Dictionary.

Writing would take so much more time if I had to do all of that with paper dictionaries.

I regret nothing!

amigurumi family

Turns out frogs_of_war's DIY bug is catching. Since pearly trees are too fragile to transport though (and let's be reasonable here, your trees are amazing, Frog, since I don't need my ego cut into pieces right now I'm not even going to try) I have taken a page from another friend's book and started amigurumis. Easy and immediately rewarding (everything writing isn't right now T_T). I especially like these birds, they look great.

amigurumi birds

Credits where's it's due, there are a lot of wonderful patterns on the internet:
birds: http://blu927.blogspot.co.uk/2008/12/from.html
dragon (mine is not finished, it's the green guy with no arm): http://www.allaboutami.com/post/16498866712/dragonpattern
bunny: http://www.allaboutami.com/post/4546656362/springbunnies
cthulhu: http://cthulhucrochet.blogspot.co.uk/2008/05/tiny-cthulhu-free-pattern.html
The sheep thing is an experiment. I highly don't recommend eyelash yarn to anyone, beginner or not. It's like a doomsday weapon against enthusiasm. You look at it and it looks fluffy and great. When you start working with it you want to kill things. Yourself being one of these things.

Dec. 3rd, 2013

Considering writing more Xander/Tarim for the february edition of SSBB... I have wanted to make a story that fits the theme for some times (started at least two attempts). But there is a Teen Wolf fanfiction to finish as well and my NaNo project is far from over... T_T choices are hard, I wonder if a bit of everything would still get me somewhere.

NaNoWriMo is over, here is what I learnt

1. Apparently "learned" isn't an word in scotland, I still have to check whether it's an english/american thing or something else entirely.

2. I have a bad case of the passive protagonist. My characters stand there while other characters talk to them or they react to what other people do and it explains why I always feel like what I'm writing isn't very interesting. It isn't. Because the guy who is supposed to do stuff doesn't. Also it might be a symptom of the character I have chosen to have the POV not being the right character for the job. But I mainly need to wonder "what do my character want and how will he achieve it" instead of "what is going on".

3. Plotting, it's a thing I need to do at least a little before I start writing for NaNo. I can work without for short stories like SSBB submissions because I write more slowly and can plot as I go but it doesn't work when you have to make it last for 50k and need to be really productive.

4. I need to make my dialogue scene less static because it makes them hard to write when they're just sitting down and talking at each other. People still do stuff while they talk.

5. This one I learnt partly from reading other books: I need more description and good description is also something that isn't static. So far every time I read "good" description it wasn't something that the main character watched, it was something that showed itself to the main character and there were lots of "verbs of action" involved.

6. Backpfeifengesicht a german word for "a face in need of punching". 

Example in extreme procrastination

Brain: You should stop reading and start on your essay due in three days, your other essay due a week after that and get some work done for your NaNoWriMo.

Me: Time to write a whole 5k teenwolf fanfic that has nothing to do with anything!!!

Brain: Why do I even bother?

Sterek and the dangers of plot bunnies

Trying to exercice writing short texts. At the end of the day(s),  my PWP that was supposed to be a drabble is 7k. That's not what I envisionned when I set the goal at "short" but I guess by my standards that's pretty short. Maybe I'll shorten it some more when I edit and then I'll have reached my goal. Which is a total lie because that drabble just spawned more plot bunnies of maybe equal length so… shoot. At least I was entertained every time my friend in class asked me what I was writing instead of taking notes :3

2013 Themes and Dates

Postée à l'origine par ladysisyphus sur 2013 Themes and Dates
Here's the complete schedule for 2013: themes, descriptions, deadlines, dates, and all!

text deadline: Tuesday, February 19
art deadline: Saturday, February 23
Build your own theme park! But remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

text deadline: Tuesday, March 19
art deadline: Saturday, March 23
How do you ladies take your tea? Hot? Sweet? Spiked?

text deadline: Tuesday, April 23
art deadline: Saturday, April 27
Whether you're suffering from a broken heart or a terminal case of handsomeness, the doctor is in.

text deadline: Tuesday, June 18
art deadline: Saturday, June 22
Calling all caped crusaders and men of steel: your city needs you now more than ever.

text deadline: Tuesday, August 20
art deadline: Saturday, August 24
Bibliophiles, rejoice! This issue celebrates books and the people who like to create, compile, collect, critique, and/or consume them.

text deadline: Tuesday, September 3
art deadline: Tuesday, September 17
Our third artist special focuses on far-off places and the fun of going (or not going) there.

text deadline: Tuesday, October 22
art deadline: Saturday, October 26
Mistaken identities? Clever disguises? Elaborate costuming? Who was that masked man?

text deadline: Tuesday, December 10
art deadline: Saturday, December 14
And as always, if you want your big story to have its big break, December's the month to do it: the sky's the (word) limit.


Want to participate? It's easy! Signup posts go up about two months before each issue, both for a nonbinding way of declaring commitment and for authors to hook up with volunteer illustrators. Regardless of whether or not you signed up beforehand, stories are due in our inbox by the Tuesday before the issue goes live, and all standalone images/illustrations are due by the Saturday before. You can find more rules and details in our mission statement.

(Trying something new, so let's see how this works...)

Jul. 5th, 2012

One day, I'm going to organize an event that will have no last minute glitch. Nope. everything will run smoothly. I will be sent a clear answer with straightforward permission to use the facilities and not strange messages that could be interpreted as permission to use the facilities or maybe not, I will receive the lists of children plenty of time in advance and not five days before the event because I sent a panicked e-mail to get them and most importantly, all the people who said they would help will actually send me messages begining by "yes, of course I'll come" instead of telling me that they can't for professional reasons/vacations/other not very elaborated answers that look strangely like they should actually read "well, it sounded neat when it was hypothetical, but now that I actually have to move my ass there and spend time with kids I have actually decided that I'd rather not, you crazy person you".

Or not.

On the plus side, I don't have enough people because there are a lot of children who want to come. That fills me with glee. Once I find that elusive fourth helper I'll be so looking forward to monday ^^

Another one bites the dust

I hate linking snippets together, yet, each time I start writing a story, I get to a point where I'm stuck and I think it will be a good idea to just write what comes after the bit where I'm stuck. Then my story changes and not only do I have to link snippets together, but I have to go through the snippets again to edit them to fit the new storyline. And another rule is that my stories never know what they want to be at the beginning, neither do my characters by the way, so by the time I find out that I had to change the main plot, add a subplot, add another subplot, get rid of the main plot, add a new one and finally reintroduce the ex-main plot as a subplot (because it was too inherent to one of the characters to part with it) I feel like I have written three stories. Only, at the end, I don't even have one to show for my effort.

So yeah, had to forego the Slash Pile Anthology because my submission just doesn't want to get written. Well, not fast enough at least. I mean, I beat my personal score and managed to write about 3k a day in the last few days, on top of linking those damn snippets together. But it won't be enough to finish on time. You can force yourself to sit at your desk and concentrate all you want, at some point you'll still catch yourself starring at the screen and wondering how many cups of sugar does it takes to get to the moon (yes, A Goofy Movie reference).

Or worse, you might catch yourself explaining to your mum that the characters just don't want to listen and are trying their hardest to make your life miserable by growing younger or others grumpier and just generally choosing to hate each other when they are supposed to fall for each other (I never want to know what it says about me that most of my characters go through the angry-instead-of-in-love stage). Anyway, it bought me five minutes of not writing for one of those "yes darling, sure, the characters of your story which you are writing are making your life miserable, do go back to your computer and shout after them for a bit" kind of smiles. Oh well, she already knows I'm crazy. I tried explaining a story to her once or twice and I regularly ask her questions like "do you think a five year old kid can survive if his mother suddenly go crazy with grief and pretend he isn't there?" today my entire family was arguing about "how would it affect your hearing if someone fired a shot about one meter behind you in an enclosed space?"

Okay so now that I had my rant I'm going to bed. It's 2:30 am. That's too late to be up and feeling sorry for myself.